Advantages of Using High-Frequency Current Transformers

Transformers are used in a variety of devices to provide the correct electricity voltage and current to circuits. With changing technology and the varying power demands of applications, more people are turning to the advantages of high frequency current transformers to measure and monitor electrical currents.

What Does a Current Transformer Do?

There are many different types of transformers available that provide different uses, such as voltage transformer, current transformer, and power transformer. Current transformers produce alternating currents that are proportional to the current that is measured. These measurements are done using a primary winding that takes the present current flow and produces an alternating current in the secondary winding that is proportional to the primary current.

A current transformer should not be confused with a voltage transformer that takes one form of alternating electricity and converts it to a new voltage that it then distributes to other circuits. Instead, a current transformer lowers the present current to an acceptable value level for the application.

What is a Current Transformer Used For?

The main purpose of a current transformer is to measure the current power flow into circuits. They are typically used in monitoring and measuring equipment. You may have a high frequency power supply or varied frequency power that is not desired for applications. Measuring and monitoring equipment can automatically measure this current safely with the use of these transformers as the transformer can step the power up or down. Current transformers are often used with kilo-watt-hour meters, voltmeters, or ammeters.

There are many types of transformers as they are classified by their materials, design, winding arrangement, usage, and other factors. For example, a toroidal current transformer has a magnetic core shaped like a doughnut with windings wrapped around while a bar current transformer uses the main circuit’s bar or bus cable as the primary winding.

Advantages of Current Transformers

High frequency current transformers can be used with any current with a higher value of 10Khz. They are divided into grade ranges based on the type of working frequency that will be in use, such as 50Khz to 100Khz, 500Khz to 1Mhz and those that measure over 10Mhz. Here are some advantages to a high frequency current transformer.

  • Higher Current and Power Densities: Even when in a small, sealed space, the current transformer can reach high current densities of 30A per each module and can offer high power density with the semiconductors and inducers packaged together.
  • Low Inductance Leakage: With the tight assembly of the output terminal and auxiliary components along with excellent couplings between each winding allows for minimum inductance leakage for the wiring. The magnetic linking of one winding to another winding is properly maintained.
  • Optimal Heat Dissipation: Heat can increase when at higher frequencies and when there are more components. The small size, interturn ratio loss of the windings, and uncomplicated design of the short thermal passages allow the transformers to have ample surface area-to-volume ratio for easy heat transfer capabilities. The transformers are capable of working in high ambient temperature environments of up to 120-130 degrees Celsius (248-266 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Simple Design: A high frequency current transformer does not come with a lot of parts and has fewer windings. This allows for the transformer to be used for more applications by a wide variety of industries. They are convenient for automatic applications that require little operator handling.
  • Smaller Size: Due to the straightforward design, these transformers can come in smaller sizes without impacting the conversion frequency. You are able to use it in settings where there is limited space while taking advantage of its full operating capacity.
  • Lower Material and Component Costs: Due to the smaller size, there are fewer materials and components used, which cuts down on manufacturing costs that are passed on to the customer. Also, component costs can be reduced by using lower power rated components since there is less inductance leakage and lower switching losses.

Why Switch to Amgis Custom High Frequency Transformers?

Selecting standard and high frequency toroidal transformers provides more options based on the current frequencies of the applications. These transformers are custom designed based on your frequency and inductance specifications to more accommodate your operational setup. By having smaller transformers, they are easier to transport and can be quickly installed without worrying about the size or weight impacting the performance of the circuits. Once the transformer is created to your specs, we meticulously inspect all components using automated inspection equipment to ensure accuracy and appropriate usage. We are capable of producing fast turnaround times with high quality products to meet your busy schedule.

You may have applications where the monitoring and measuring of current is vital to your operations. Having current transformers from Amgis available in your measuring instruments allows you to better monitor and manage high frequency currents. Obtain our customized current frequency transformer products today by contacting us today.

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