Designing and Manufacturing Transformers and High-Frequency Magnetics to Industry Specifications

Toroidal Products for Medical Equipment and Applications

Our medical grade toroidal transformers and other medical grade products are designed, manufactured and tested to meet regulations for use in the US and Europe.

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Toroidal Power Transformer Products for Industrial & Manufacturing Applications

Reliability is extremely important in industrial and manufacturing environments. Our toroidal transformers offer excellent reliability, and we guarantee that they will operate for the life of your equipment. We can recommend a standard product, or we can offer a custom solution to meet your industrial and manufacturing needs.

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Audio Power Transformer Options

Our toroidal transformers are a perfect solution for any audio application because they offer a quiet, higher quality alternative to a standard laminated transformer. If our standard products don’t meet your specific audio requirements, ask about a custom alternative.

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Toroidal Products and High Frequency Magnetics for Oil and Gas Applications

Our team of engineers design custom magnetics to withstand harsh environments, including areas with strong vibration and temperatures up to 260°C.

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Toroidal Products for Renewable Energy Applications

Because of their unique doughnut-shaped core, our toroidal wound products (inductors and transformers) are an efficient and compact solution for any renewable energy application, where efficiency is a critical requirement. We understand the importance of high efficiency, so we guarantee we’ll meet any efficiency specification, up to 98 percent, if space allows.

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Commercial and Residential Lighting Transformer Models

Lighting applications typically have stringent efficiency requirements. Toroidal transformers (and other toroidal wound products) are the preferred choice because they offer a 90 to 95 percent efficiency rating. To better serve your lighting needs, we can design custom solutions to meet your specific lighting requirements.

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High Frequency Magnetics for Telecom Applications

Our high frequency products are excellent solution for your telecom application. We offer two telecom standard lines and several lines of high frequency inductors and chokes that will meet most, if not all, of your requirements. If a special product is required, our team of engineers will design a custom solution that will meet any size and electrical requirement.

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