Custom Switch Mode Power Supply Transformers

Request a tailor-made switch mode power supply transformer or inductor for your requirements

Amgis can develop a wide range of custom transformers and energy storing inductors that can be used exclusively in switch mode power supplies (SMPS). Switch mode power supplies are used in various electronic applications, including:

  • Computer and laptop power supplies
  • Mobile device power supplies
  • Renewable energy conversion systems

Custom SMPS Transformer Options

Our team of engineers can design transformers and inductors for a variety of SMPS topologies, including:

  • Buck
  • Boost
  • Buck-boost
  • Flyback
  • Push-pull
  • Half-bridge
  • Full-bridge

We have experience designing SMPS magnetics in a variety of shapes and configurations, depending on your application. Our engineering team can design around a traditional toroid core (no bobbin required) or on special shaped cores (with a bobbin) including pot cores, E cores and PQ cores.

For higher operating frequencies, we can develop transformers with special Litz wire to guard against skin effect and copper losses. Our other custom engineering and manufacturing methods include adding special vacuum varnish coatings, foil sheet windings, stranded leads and sector windings.

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