Custom Three-Phase Transformer

Gain More Flexibility with Custom Configurations and Mounting

Custom Three-Phase Transformer

A three-phase toroidal transformer is made up of three single-phase toroidal transformers. The flexibility of using toroidal transformers makes it possible to assemble and configure the single-phase transformers in unlimited ways. In traditional laminated EI transformers, the three coils are wound around one “leg” of the E side of the core. This makes it impossible to move the coils around, if necessary.

Advantages of Three-Phase Toroidal Transformers

A cost-effective solution for higher kVA rated applications, our transformers offer:

  • Custom primary and secondary voltages
  • Flexible configurations
  • Three-phase transformer configuration options: Delta-Delta, Delta-Wye, Wye-Wye, Wye-Delta
  • Custom mounting and enclosures to meet customer requirements (We can build to customer specification or design custom mounting hardware and enclosures.)
  • Input/output terminal blocks for easy connections (optional)
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