Custom Audio Toroidal Transformer Designs

Implement a Quieter, More Efficient Audio Transformer

In audio applications, sound quality is extremely important. Whether you’re using an expensive 1000 W amplifier to produce music or a 100 W amplifier to power an in-house entertainment system, poor sound quality is unacceptable.

When using a laminate transformer, it’s common to hear continuous hums or audible vibrations. These noises will affect the overall sound quality of your equipment. An audio toroidal transformer’s construction minimizes the intensity of these audible vibrations, so your audio products deliver the highest level of sound reliability and quality.

Quiet Audio Transformer Design

When using a traditional laminated transformer, it’s common to feel and hear audible vibrations. Because an audio toroidal transformer is built differently, you can expect to hear less noise when using our products in your audio equipment.

In addition, an Amgis audio transformer is designed to minimize core magnetization. The intensity of the magnetic flux flowing in the core affects core magnetization and determines the amount of audible noise to expect. They’re engineered to operate at a lower flux density.

Each Amgis audio transformer is custom designed and built according to our customer’s audio application and requirements.

We can manufacture a custom audio transformer to meet:

  • Custom primary and secondary voltages
  • They make a cost-effective solution to step up/down a voltage, when isolation is not required.
  • 1u, 2u or 3u cabinet height requirements
  • Custom connector/plug requirements
  • Custom mounting requirements
  • Shielding requirements (optional)
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