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What Is a Current Transformer?

Current transformers and sensors produce reduced currents accurately proportional to line currents. Current transformers are incorporated into a system because they enable a safer way to measure high currents.

Traditionally, a break in the circuit is needed to measure a current, but when using a current transformer a break isn’t required. You can place the current transformer anywhere (if space permits), and as the circuit line is run through the center, it produces the reduced current.

The biggest advantage of using a current transformer is that it isolates the line currents from your measuring devices, minimizing risk of equipment damage or failure.

High frequency current transformers and sensors follow the same principle. The only difference is the core material used. At higher frequencies, you can’t use the same silicon steel used on 50/60 Hz components because of the higher core losses. For a high frequency current transformer, we use special core materials such as ferrites because of their high magnetic permeability properties.

Custom High Frequency Current Sensor and Transformer Options

Our team of engineers can design a custom current transformer or sensor for most high frequency applications. Depending on the materials incorporated, we can design products that can be used at operating frequencies of up to 1 MHz.

We can manufacture a custom high frequency current transformer or sensor to meet your requirements including:

  • A wide range of line currents
  • A special footprint (THD or SMD)
  • Mounting pins or stranded leads
  • Custom connectors or plugs
  • Either window configuration or split core configuration
  • Special mounting
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