Custom High Temperature Magnetic Components

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When designing magnetics for a high temperature application, professionals take special consideration to ensure the component will survive the harsh temperatures, and in some cases, the extreme vibrations. Typically, oil and gas applications have strict temperature and vibration requirements because parts are used deep in oil wells, where temperatures can exceed 200° C and where vibrations can easily damage poorly constructed electronic assemblies.

Amgis has the capabilities to design high frequency magnetics for any high temperature application. Our team of engineers have the experience and knowledge to design any custom high frequency transformer, inductor or coil to meet your strict temperature and vibration requirements.

Our high temperature magnetics are constructed with specialized materials to survive extreme temperatures and vibrations. These materials include special vacuum varnish coatings, high temperature tapes (kapton) and Teflon stranded leads.

Our custom high frequency magnetics for extreme heat applications can be designed to meet:

  • Temperatures up to 260° C
  • Limited space constraints
  • Custom mounting requirements
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