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Delivering Custom Transformers, Inductors and Magnetics, Fast

Precision Engineering and Customized Solutions

Whether you’re developing power supplies or a surgical generator for a life-sustaining medical device, you can rely on Amgis products to meet your specifications and requirements. Our experienced staff build your custom transformers and magnetics from concept to production.

With many years of magnetics design experience, our engineers will develop a product to meet your specific requirements or will innovate a new design to help expand your circuit possibilities.

High-Grade Materials

We purchase the finest materials available and follow stringent inspection protocols before any materials are used in your products. Our careful evaluation of materials and suppliers, combined with our design and manufacturing experience, make it possible for us to develop high quality toroidal power transformers and other magnetics for any application and industry.

Quick Response Time and Turnaround

We strive to provide quotations within 48 hours, even for custom transformers and magnetics. We have the capabilities to deliver prototypes within two weeks, and if needed, we can produce small production quantities in-house. Generally, production quantities will be manufactured in approved factories in India or mainland China. (Amgis’ engineering and administrative personnel routinely visit the factories in India and China to assure our strict quality standards are maintained).

Our high frequency product engineering, sales, warehousing and distribution teams and facilities are conveniently located at our corporate offices in Houston, Texas.

Quality Assurance

We manufacture all Amgis products in ISO-9001 certified facilities. We meticulously inspect each unit throughout the manufacturing process, according to internal quality standards and standards implemented by agencies including UL, CSA and TUV. Our quality assurance personnel inspect 100 percent of each lot to ensure each individual product meets applicable electrical and dimension specifications.

We also do electrical testing on automated testing equipment, which helps reduce turnaround time and cost. Each test program is tailored to your specifications.

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Value-Added Services

Leave all the logistics to us! We handle the pickup and delivery scheduling, currency exchange calculations for customers not in the US and other time-consuming processes. If your production is ramping up, we can stock Amgis products at our Houston location to make the parts readily available for you. We can ship on a weekly or monthly basis or according to any schedule that meets your needs.

Our team of engineers welcome the opportunity to develop any new design or assembly. Whether you need special connectors or require a unique method to mount your transformer, we are certain we can figure out a solution.

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