Custom Industrial Power Transformer Designs

Creating a Toroidal Isolation Transformer to Meet Your Specifications

In most electrical applications, you need a transformer to provide safety isolation and/or step up or step down a voltage. A toroidal industrial power transformer is the ideal solution for most applications because it’s easier to mount, smaller, lighter and more efficient than a traditional laminated transformer.

Toroidal transformers’ advantages over traditional E-I laminated transformers include:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Lower leakage losses
  • Cooler operating temperatures
  • Quieter operation

Because of their ring shape, they have a nearly ideal magnetic circuit and are 90 to 95 percent efficient. Meanwhile, E-I transformers may lose 40 to 50 percent of their core power.

Custom Toroidal Isolation Transformer Options

We have a standard line of Industrial Toroidal Transformers available, rated up to 3000 VA. These transformers come standard with dual 117 V primaries and dual secondaries (secondaries range from 12 V to 120 V).

If your application requires special voltages, a higher rated power output or custom wire terminations/harnesses, our team of engineers can create a solution that will meet your special requirements. We can design and build custom products rated up to 15 kVA and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation.

A standard toroidal isolation transformer can be customized to meet:

  • Specific primary and secondary voltages
  • Higher industrial power transformer output requirements (up to 15 kVA for single-phase power and 45 kVA for three-phase power)
  • 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings
  • Special wire terminations/harness requirements
  • Custom mounting and special enclosure requirements
  • Maximum enclosure leakage current
  • Class A, B, F or H
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