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Why Do I Need an Inductor?

Generally, most electronics need inductors (also called chokes). Similar to a transformer, an inductor creates and stores a magnetic field as current passes through the wire. Unlike a transformer, which can have multiple primary and secondary windings, an inductor typically only has one winding. A common mode choke is a special type of inductor that consists of two windings in opposite directions. Inductors can be used to:

  • Store and transfer energy
  • Filter harmonics from line frequencies

Applications include:

  • Energy storage
  • Solar/wind energy inverters
  • Inductive filter circuits (in collaboration with capacitors)
  • Signal processing
  • Switching power supplies

Advantages of a Toroidal Inductor

  • Quicker cooling than a traditional laminated inductor
  • Lower electromagnetic interference (EMI)
  • Near complete magnetic field cancellation (lower stray losses)
  • Lower winding resistance, Ω (shorter length per turn)
  • Compact size (less volume and weight)

Our team of engineers can design a custom 50/60 Hz toroidal inductor to meet your inductance, current, size and mounting requirements.

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