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Why Is Efficiency Important?

Greater efficiency means greater cost savings! A more efficient device will run cooler with fewer power losses, making expensive heat dissipation components, such as heat sinks or cooling fans, unnecessary. It also wastes less power and energy, so less electricity is required to power your device, yielding even more cost savings.

Industry efficiency standards have evolved in recent years. Countries all over the world are requiring companies to design and build products with higher efficiency ratings to help cut down on material costs and to reduce resource consumption.

In the renewable/alternative energy industry, product efficiency ratings are extremely important. However, since renewable energy technology is still fairly new, the efficiency of these products is not ideal. As a solution, many companies are using high-efficiency toroidal transformers as part of their equipment to help in the conversion of energy.

Our team of engineers can offer a customized solution for your high efficiency power application needs and requirements.

Amgis’ High Efficiency Transformers

Our standard toroidal transformers are rated 95 percent efficient. While that’s much better than a traditional laminated transformer, we can also design and build custom-made toroidal transformers that are up to 97 percent efficient. Advantages of using these include:

  • High efficiency without sacrificing overall size
  • Even less audible vibration
  • Cooler operating temperatures
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