Toroidal Products for Renewable Energy Applications

Providing Toroidal Transformers for Greater Reliability and Efficiency

Our Experience

As renewable energy industry standards continue to evolve, we understand the importance of delivering energy-efficient products. Our depth of knowledge and experience in the green energy industry has allowed us to develop a variety of highly efficient transformers and inductors. Our standard toroidal transformers are rated 95 percent efficient, and we can design custom toroidal transformers that are up to 98 percent efficient.

In solar power applications, high-efficiency inverters are needed to convert DC electricity generated by the photovoltaic cells on a solar panel to AC power. Our unique toroidal isolation transformer designs can be used in these inverters to help provide a low loss power output, while still meeting your size, cost and performance requirements.

Similarly, our products deliver dependable performance for wind energy applications. They produce minimal harmonic noise, so stray losses will not be a big factor in total system losses. A toroidal transformer can also be used to control the blades’ pitch, when needed, and isolation toroidal transformers can provide additional isolation in low-scale residential or commercial settings.

Our Solutions

Amgis is committed to providing immediate solutions for any renewable energy project. Whether you’re looking for a low profile transformer or a 15A-rated inductor, we’re sure our affordable standard or customized products can meet your requirements and goals.

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