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Fully Enclosed Medical Grade Isolation Transformer Line

With Amgis MEDBOX transformers, you can rest assured that your medical devices are fully protected in the event of power outages or surges. The toroidal transformer inside provides the necessary isolation in accordance to global safety standards and regulations.

In any medical environment, our MEDBOX transformers will bring any electrical device connected to it into compliance with the UL 60601 medical standard. They’re ideal for medical OEM manufacturers desiring a standalone medical grade isolation transformer or health care facilities looking to isolate electronic equipment from the power source.

Advantages of Toroidal Transformers

Our MEDBOX products are equipped with properly sized toroidal transformers. Because of their unique doughnut-shaped core, standard toroidal transformers typically offer a 90 to 95 percent efficiency rating, while standard laminated transformers typically offer less than a 90 percent rating.

Toroidal transformers have a nearly ideal magnetic circuit and a lower stray magnetic field, which makes them perfect for use in line with sensitive circuitry.

They also provide:

  • Higher efficiency
  • Low leakage losses
  • Compact size
  • Quieter operation
  • Cooler operating temperatures
  • Easier mounting

Medical Grade Isolation Transformer Laws and Regulations

We design, test and construct all medical toroidal transformers in compliance with all industry laws and ensure each product complies to industry regulations that include:

  • Maximum temperature rise at load and at overload
  • Minimum air clearance
  • Minimum creepage distance
  • Limited maximum earth leakage current
  • Maximum patient leakage current
  • Maximum enclosure leakage current
  • Maximum patient auxiliary current
  • The values of test voltage (high potential voltage test between windings)
  • Minimum 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings

Additionally, our medical grade transformers are all built in ISO 9001 certified facilities.

MEDBOX Medical Isolation Transformer Specifications

  • Five power ratings available: 300 VA, 600 VA, 900 VA, 1200 VA and 1800 VA
  • Designed for 120 V, 60 Hz North American operations
  • Low-leakage current design yielding less than 100 μA leakage current
  • Built-in RFI filtering and inrush current protection
  • Surge suppression
  • 10-foot hospital grade power cord
  • Duplex hospital-grade receptacles

If a special plug is required or even a different number of output ports is needed, our team of engineers can design an enclosed medical isolation transformer specifically to your specifications, with a standalone or wall mount option.

UL 60601-1 Listing

The MEDBOX medical grade isolation transformer product line has obtained a UL listing, allowing medical equipment used with the transformers to comply with the UL 60601 medical standard. Specifically, UL/c-UL is listed to UL 60601-1, under the UL-file number E 346463.

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Fully Enclosed Medical Isolation Transformers
Part NumberVA RatingHeightWidthWeightNEMA PlugHospital Grade Duplex Outlets Length
MEDBOX-03003004.135.63105-15P2 x 5-15R10.00Get a Quote
MEDBOX-06006004.137.13165-15P3 x 5-15R12.50Get a Quote
MEDBOX-09009004.139.63215-15P4 x 5-15R14.00Get a Quote
MEDBOX-120012004.139.63275-15P4 x 5-15R14.00Get a Quote
MEDBOX-180019004.139.63365-20P4 x 5-20R14.00Get a Quote
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