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Pulse transformers, sometimes referred to as gate-drive transformers, are popular in signal transmission applications. Unlike a traditional transformer that works with AC frequencies/signals, a pulse transformer works with pulsating DC signals. The pulsating DC signal is supplied to the primary side of the transformer as a square pulse waveform. On the secondary side of the transformer, the magnitude of the output pulse depends on the transformer’s turns ratio.

Typically, a pulse transformer is designed with a 1:1 turns ratio, but this ratio can be adjusted to create a higher pulse amplitude at the load (other common turns ratios include 1:2 and 1:2:2).

Common applications of pulse transformers include:

  • Gate-drive circuits
  • Voltage isolation
  • Impedance matching

Our team of engineers can develop a custom high-frequency pulse transformer for your specific application. We understand the importance of delivering clean, reliable signals, so our pulse transformers are designed to meet low leakage inductance and capacitance requirements. Other specifications that we design for include:

  • Inductance
  • Power rating of the transformer
  • Operating frequency
  • Voltage level
  • Size
  • Custom mounting
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