Custom Medical Grade Isolation Toroidal Transformers

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If our standard line of medical grade isolation toroidal transformers does not meet your application requirements, we can design and build a custom medical isolation transformer that will surpass your needs and expectations.

Medical Isolation Transformer Laws and Regulations

We design, test and construct all custom medical toroidal transformers in compliance with all industry laws and ensure each product complies to industry regulations that include:

  • Maximum temperature rise at load and at overload
  • Minimum air clearance
  • Minimum creepage distance
  • Limited maximum earth leakage current
  • Maximum patient leakage current
  • Maximum enclosure leakage current
  • Maximum patient auxiliary current
  • The values of test voltage (high potential voltage test between windings)
  • Minimum 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings.

Additionally, our medical grade transformers are all built in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

Custom Medical Isolation Transformer Options

We have a standard line of Medical Grade Toroidal Transformers available, rated up to 5000 VA. These transformers come standard with dual 0-100-120 V primaries and dual 120 V secondaries.

If your application requires special voltages, a higher rated power output or custom wire terminations/harnesses, our team of engineers can create a solution that will meet your requirements. We can design and build custom medical grade products rated up to 15 kVA and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation.

A standard medical toroidal transformer can be customized to meet:

  • Specific primary and secondary voltages
  • Higher industrial power transformer output requirements (up to 15 kVA for single-phase power and 45 kVA for three-phase power)
  • 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings
  • Special wire terminations/harness requirements
  • Custom mounting and special enclosure requirements
  • Critical dimensions
  • Class A, B, F or H insulation systems
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