Medical Grade Transformer Series

Long-Lasting, Efficient Power

The highest level of quality, reliability and durability is essential for medical equipment. Our medical grade isolation transformers are used in equipment in hospitals, research facilities and biomedical companies all over the world. Our toroidal transformers have long life cycles, and we guarantee that they’ll run smoothly for the life of your medical equipment.

Advantages of a Toroid Transformer

  • Low stray losses (leakage flux)
  • Low audible vibration
  • Compact size
  • Easy mounting

Medical Grade Transformer Laws and Regulations

We design, test and construct all medical toroidal transformers in compliance with all industry laws, and ensure each product complies to industry regulations that include:

  • Maximum temperature rise at load and at overload
  • Minimum air clearance
  • Minimum creepage distance
  • Limited maximum earth leakage current
  • Maximum patient leakage current
  • Maximum enclosure leakage current
  • Maximum patient auxiliary current
  • The values of test voltage (high potential voltage test between windings)
  • Minimum 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings

Additionally, our medical grade transformers are all built in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

Certifications for Use in North America and Europe

Amgis has earned a CB Test Certificate to IEC 60601-1 third edition for our MED series medical isolation transformers. This allows our transformers to be used in products in Europe, and it’s part of our commitment to provide high-quality products aligned with modern standards.

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Medical Grade Isolation Transformers
Part NumberVA RatingSecondary Current(120V)ODHeightWeightSecondary Current(240VV)
MED-01001000.834.02.0"2.80.42Get a Quote
MED-02002001.674.62.5"4.80.83Get a Quote
MED-03003002.505.03.0"7.21.25Get a Quote
MED-0400400 3.335.53.0"8.81.67Get a Quote
MED-0600600"11.42.50Get a Quote
MED-08008006.676.63.1"14.23.33Get a Quote
MED-100010008.336.64.25"19.34.17Get a Quote
MED-1500150012.508.23.9"25.66.25Get a Quote
MED-2000200016.679.04.0"31.88.33Get a Quote
MED-2500250020.839.04.3"40.010.42Get a Quote
MED-3000300025.0010.24.3"47.012.50Get a Quote
MED-4000400033.3311.34.0"56.016.67Get a Quote
MED-5000500041.6712.34.5"74.020.83Get a Quote
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