Industrial-Grade General Purpose Toroidal Transformers

Implementing an Industrial-Grade Toroidal Transformer for Efficiency and Power

General Isolation Toroidal Transformers

Our standard line of General Isolation Toroidal Transformers are general purpose transformers that can be used in most electrical applications. These toroidal transformers offer step-down/step-up capabilities and are a great solution to general isolation requirements.

This line of toroidal transformers have dual 117 V primaries and dual secondaries, and range from 100 to 3,000 VA. The dual primaries allow for easy installation and configuration for 120 V or 240 V operation. The dual secondaries range from 2 to 12 V windings to 2 to 120 V windings. This variety offers the option of stepping down/stepping up your line voltage or simply providing isolation from your voltage source to your equipment.

Our General Isolation Toroidal Transformers include:

  • Dual 117 V primaries for 120 V or 240 V operation
  • Secondary voltage options
  • 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings
  • Standard mounting options
  • 10″ stranded leads

All of our standard toroidal transformers can be easily configured or customized to meet your specific needs.

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Industrial-Grade General Purpose Toroidal Transformers
Part NumberVA RatingSecondary VoltageODHeightWeightSecondary Current
XF-00100-2012 1002 x 123.8"1.8"2.42 x 4.16Get a Quote
XF-00100-2015 1002 x 153.8"1.8"2.42 x 3.33Get a Quote
XF-00100-2018 1002 x 183.8"1.8"2.42 x 2.77Get a Quote
XF-00100-2024 1002 x 243.8"1.8"2.42 x 2.08Get a Quote
XF-00100-2030 1002 x 303.8"1.8"2.42 x 1.66Get a Quote
XF-00160-2012 1602 x 124.0"2.2"3.62 x 6.66Get a Quote
XF-00160-2015 1602 x 154.0"2.2"3.62 x 5.33Get a Quote
XF-00160-2018 1602 x 184.0"2.2"3.62 x 4.44Get a Quote
XF-00160-2024 1602 x 244.0"2.2"3.62 x 3.33Get a Quote
XF-00160-2030 1602 x 304.0"2.2"3.62 x 2.66Get a Quote
XF-00160-2120 1602 x 1204.0"2.2"3.62 x 0.66Get a Quote
XF-00225-2012 2252 x 124.6"2.2"5.12 x 9.27Get a Quote
XF-00225-2015 2252 x 154.6"2.2"5.12 x 7.5Get a Quote
XF-00225-2018 2252 x 184.6"2.2"5.12 x 6.25Get a Quote
XF-00225-2024 2252 x 244.6"2.2"5.12 x 4.68 Get a Quote
XF-00225-2030 2252 x 304.6"2.2"5.12 x 3.75Get a Quote
XF-00225-2120 2252 x 1204.6"2.2"5.12 x 0.93Get a Quote
XF-00300-2015 3002 x 154.6"2.9"6.52 x 10Get a Quote
XF-00300-2018 3002 x 184.6"2.9"6.52 x 8.33Get a Quote
XF-00300-2024 3002 x 244.6"2.9"6.52 x 6.25Get a Quote
XF-00300-2030 3002 x 304.6"2.9"6.52 x 5Get a Quote
XF-00300-2042 3002 x 424.6"2.9"6.52 x 3.65Get a Quote
XF-00300-2120 3002 x 1204.6"2.9"6.52 x 1.25Get a Quote
XF-00400-2024 4002 x 245.4"2.4"7.22 x 8.33Get a Quote
XF-00400-2030 4002 x 305.4"2.4"7.22 x 6.66Get a Quote
XF-00400-2042 4002 x 425.4"2.4"7.22 x 4.76Get a Quote
XF-00400-20554002 x 555.4"2.4"7.22 x 3.63Get a Quote
XF-00400-2120 4002 x 1205.4"2.4"7.22 x 1.66Get a Quote
XF-00500-2024 5002 x 245.4"2.8"8.82 x 10.41Get a Quote
XF-00500-2030 5002 x 245.4"2.8"8.82 x 8.33Get a Quote
XF-00500-2042 5002 x 425.4"2.8"8.82 x 5.95Get a Quote
XF-00500-2055 5002 x 555.4"2.8"8.82 x 4.54Get a Quote
XF-00500-2120 5002 x 1205.4"2.8"8.82 x 2.08Get a Quote
XF-00650-2024 6502 x 246.0"2.9"11.52 x 13.54Get a Quote
XF-00650-2030 6502 x 306.0"2.9"11.52 x 10.83Get a Quote
XF-00650-2042 6502 x 426.0"2.9"11.52 x 7.73Get a Quote
XF-00650-2055 6502 x 556.0"2.9"11.52 x 5.9Get a Quote
XF-00650-2120 6502 x 1206.0"2.9"11.52 x 2.7Get a Quote
XF-00800-2024 8002 x 246.4"2.8"132 x 16.66Get a Quote
XF-00800-2030 8002 x 306.4"2.8"132 x 13.33Get a Quote
XF-00800-2042 8002 x 426.4"2.8"132 x 9.52Get a Quote
XF-00800-2055 8002 x 556.4"2.8"132 x 7.27Get a Quote
XF-00800-2120 8002 x 1206.4"2.8"132 x 3.33Get a Quote
XF-01000-2030 10002 x 306.6"3.3"15.62 x 16.66Get a Quote
XF-01000-2042 10002 x 426.6"3.3"15.62 x 11.9Get a Quote
XF-01000-2055 10002 x 556.6"3.3"15.62 x 9.09Get a Quote
XF-01000-2120 10002 x 1206.6"3.3"15.62 x 4.16Get a Quote
XF-01500-2042 15002 x 428.2"3.0"23.62 x 17.85Get a Quote
XF-01500-2055 15002 x 558.2"3.0"23.62 x 13.63Get a Quote
XF-01500-2120 15002 x 1208.2"3.0"23.62 x 6.25Get a Quote
XF-02000-2042 20002 x 428.2"4.0"292 x 23.8Get a Quote
XF-02000-2055 20002 x 558.2"4.0"292 x 18.18Get a Quote
XF-02000-2120 2000 2 x 1208.2"4.0"292 x 8.33Get a Quote
XF-03000-2055 30002 x 559.2"4.1"392 x 27.27Get a Quote
XF-03000-2120 30002 x 1209.2"4.1"392 x 12.5Get a Quote
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