Toroidal Power Transformer Products for Industrial & Manufacturing Applications

Implement a Toroidal Power Transformer for Greater Reliability and Efficiency

Our Experience

With decades of experience developing quality products, we understand that product reliability is essential in industrial applications because it ensures that machine downtime doesn’t cause delays in production.

A toroidal power transformer is often the best choice for industrial applications because it offers exceptional durability and can often survive for the life of your product. Our products also provide greater efficiency, and they are more compact in size than standard laminated transformers.

Our Solutions

Our team of engineers has developed an extensive toroidal power transformer line for industrial applications. This series is designed with dual 117 V primaries and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation, making them compatible for US and international applications. These include dual secondaries, ranging from 12 V to 120 V and are available in VA power ratings of 100 – 3000 VA. If your application requires voltages or power ratings that are out of our product ranges, we’ll work with your engineering team to manufacture a custom power transformer.

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