Get Custom Toroidal Transformer Designs and Prototypes – Fast

You’re in a hurry. You need a quick turnaround on quotes and prototypes. Luckily, Amgis specializes in producing quotes in seven days and manufacturing prototypes in 14-21 days, in the US, to avoid shipping delays

The Quote Process

While we provide many high quality standard toroidal products, many of our customers request customized designs for their specific application.

If you provide a specification or drawing detailing what you need to prove your concept, our team will analyze your information and provide your quote. We can generally do this in a week’s time.

The Toroidal Power Transformer Design Process

You don’t want to place a large order without seeing a prototype first, but you have deadlines.

To accommodate strict timelines and ensure accuracy, we use proprietary software to create the plan for your prototype. We’ve developed our own advanced software to make toroidal transformers to our strict quality standards and to your custom requirements. There’s nothing like it on the market, and it is essential to making sure we produce toroidal transformers that meet your stringent custom medical, energy, efficiency or other requirements.

Based on your drawing or documentation, we input your information and craft a digital design of the product you need. This is a more accurate way of ensuring the final product will meet your specs. Our highly trained engineers oversee each step of the toroidal transformer design process to make sure that the final product is effective, minimizing toroidal transformer core losses.

The Toroidal Current Transformer Prototype Process

Once we have an engineered, approved design, we begin creating your prototype at our headquarters in Houston, Texas. This avoids shipping delays from using facilities overseas and allows us to carefully monitor the entire creation process.

Then we send you the prototype so you can request any adjustments before we manufacture your complete order. We work with Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards as well as standards for medical equipment

Our entire process enables the highest level of accuracy and reliability, meeting any regulatory requirements and your specific needs. Once we have your approval of the prototype and have made any tweaks requested, we will proceed with manufacturing your order in ISO certified facilities.

Order a Custom High-Frequency Toroidal Transformer Design

If you need a one-of-a-kind toroidal transformer for your application, look no further than Amgis Toroids for fast, accurate plans and prototyping. Whether you’re in the medical, audio, oil and gas, manufacturing, renewable energy or lighting industry, our team intimately understands your detailed requirements to ensure the final product is safe, reliable, efficient and effective.

Not sure if you need a custom transformer? Review our checklist.

Talk to our team today about getting a quote and US-made prototype.

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