How Does a Toroidal Transformer Work and What Are They Used for?

What Is a Toroidal Transformer?

A toroidal transformer is a type of transformer shaped like a doughnut. It’s ideal for devices rated up to 15 kVA.

The shape of the toroidal transformer allows for shorter windings, reducing stray losses and boosting efficiency.

Compared to traditional laminated transformers, toroidal transformers provide more efficiency, are a smaller size, and emit less audible vibration.

What Are Toroidal Transformers Used for?

Toroidal transformers step up or down a voltage or isolate electronic equipment from a voltage source.

It’s important to find the right toroidal transformer for your products.

Toroidal transformers are ideal for equipment used in medical, industrial, renewable energy and audio applications.

For audio applications, they offer less vibration and “hum,” providing better quality sound.

They are more efficient, with fewer stray losses, making them an excellent choice for renewable energy applications. For example, our regular toroidal transformers are 95 percent efficient, plus we can create custom transformers up to 98 percent efficient.

Meanwhile, medical grade toroidal transformers can meet the strict requirements of medical equipment.

For industrial and manufacturing applications, toroidal transformers offer a more compact size, greater efficiency and more reliability.

How Does a Toroidal Transformer Work?

Transformers use electromagnetic induction. An electric current flowing through a conductive material creates a magnetic field. Magnetic fields are strongest at the conductor’s surface and weakest farthest from the conductor. The strength of the current is proportional to the speed of the magnet and the number of the coil’s turns.

These transformers have a toroidal core with primary and secondary windings wound around it. When current flows through the primary winding, it creates an electromotive force and a current in the secondary winding, moving power from the first to the second winding.

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