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Request Custom Toroidal Transformer Mounting Hardware

Toroidal Transformer Mounting Hardware

Because of their compact size, our toroidal products are easy to mount, whether embedded into your equipment or bolted to a wall. We offer several mounting options, each dependent on toroid size and power rating.

Metal Disk with Insulating Pads
  • Available for up to 1500VA
  • Contents shipped unattached
  • Rubber gaskets adhered to toroidal, optional
  • Sizes proportional to VA size
  • Provides a more efficient layer of protection against shock and vibration
Potted with Drilled Center Hole
  • Available for all sizes
  • Hole diameter specified by customer
  • Concave potted bottom, optional
  • Counter bore extension, optional
  • Threaded insert, optional
  • Custom potting options available
Potted in a Round or Square Enclosure
  • Available for up to 1,000 VA
  • Plastic or metal enclosures available
  • Potted with thermoplastic material with threaded insert
  • Thermally conductive epoxy material available, if specified
  • Provides an excellent shell protectant against shock and vibration
  • Variety of cup sizes and custom sizes available (tooling required)

Custom Toroidal Transformer Mounting

Our engineering staff can design a custom case, enclosure or bracket for your mounting requirements. Contact us to request custom toroidal transformer mounting hardware.

Save Time with Our Assembly Capabilities

Upon request, we can crimp special connectors to the lead ends of your transformers. Whether your application requires simple 0.250” quick-connect terminals or high-level, two-piece housing assemblies, we’re confident we can deliver a product that will meet your needs. We also have the capabilities to design and build custom enclosures to house your components and can attach custom brackets for easy mounting. Every custom assembly and product goes through stringent inspection cycles and electrical testing.

Reduce Inventory Costs with Turnkey Services

Our turnkey services enable us ship assembled products that can be dropped directly into your equipment, without needing further assembly. This significantly reduces labor, handling and inventory costs.

If your production is scheduled to ramp up in upcoming weeks or months, we can stock Amgis products at our Houston location to make the parts readily available for you. We can ship on a weekly or monthly basis or according to any schedule that meets your needs.

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We have a quick turnaround for quotes and samples. We manufacture in house to respond even faster. To get a quote for a toroidal transformer, fill out our online form.

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