Physical Size vs. Power Rating Table

Size and Loss Data for Custom Toroidal Transformer

Physical Size vs Power Rating Table
Nominal Power (50/60Hz)Nominal Power (60Hz)Copper LossesCore LossesODHeightWeight
15 VA18 VA3 W0.2 W2.5in (64mm)1.3in (33mm)0.7lb (0.3kg)
30 VA36 VA5.8 W0.25 W3.0in (76mm)1.5in (38mm)1.1lb (0.5kg)
50 VA60 VA8.6 W0.45 W3.2in (81mm)1.4in (36mm)1.6lb (0.7kg)
80 VA95 VA12 W0.6 W3.9in (99mm)1.5in (38mm)2.2lb (1.0kg)
120 VA145 VA16 W0.9 W3.9in (99mm)1.9in (48mm)3.0lb (1.4kg)
160 VA190 VA19 W1.2 W4.5in (114mm)1.7in (43mm)3.8lb (1.7kg)
225 VA270 VA20 W1.4 W4.5in (114mm)2.0in (51mm)4.9lb (2.2kg)
300 VA360 VA22 W1.7 W4.6in (117mm)2.6in (66mm)5.7lb (2.6kg)
400 VA480 VA27 W2 W5.4in (137mm)2.0in (51mm)6.5lb (3.0kg)
500 VA600 VA31 W2.4 W5.4in (137mm)2.4in (61mm)8.0lb (3.6kg)
625 VA750 VA36 W3.1 W5.5in (140mm)3.2in (81mm)9.5lb (4.3kg)
800 VA960 VA45 W3.8 W6.4in (163mm)2.7in (69mm)12.3lb (5.6kg)
990 VA1200 VA45 W4.7 W6.4in (163mm)3.0in (76mm)16.0lb (7.3kg)
1100 VA1320 VA45 W6.5 W6.4in (163mm)3.3in (84mm)17.0lb (7.7kg)
1300 VA1560 VA60 W5.7 W8.0in (203mm)2.6in (66mm)20.0lb (9.1kg)
1600 VA1920 VA62 W7.1 W8.0in (203mm)3.0in (76mm)23.0lb (10.4kg)
1900 VA2280 VA65 W8.5 W8.0in (203mm)3.4in (86mm)26.0lb (11.8kg)
2200 VA2640 VA73 W8.1 W8.9in (226mm)3.3in (84mm)29.0lb (13.2kg)
2500 VA3000 VA79 W9.7 W8.9in (226mm)3.5in (89mm)33.0lb (15.0kg)
2800 VA3360 VA89 W11 W9.8in (249mm)3.1in (79mm)35.0lb (15.9kg)
3200 VA3840 VA91 W11 W9.8in (249mm)3.5in (89mm)42.0lb (19.1kg)
3700 VA4440 VA93 W15 W9.8in (249mm)3.9in (99mm)46.0lb (20.9kg)
4400 VA5280 VA112 W17 W11.2in (284mm)4.3in (109mm)53.0lb (24.0kg)
5000 VA6000 VA112 W20 W11.2in (284mm)4.7in (119mm)62.0lb (28.1kg)
6300 VA7560 VA130 W27 W12.1in (315mm)4.7in (119mm)76.0lb (34.5kg)
8000 VA9600 VA140 W28 W13.4in (340mm)4.7in (119mm)88.0lb (39.0kg)
10000 VA12000 VA140 W39 W13.4in (340mm)5.9in (150mm)120.0lb (54.4kg)

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