The Advantages of Using Toroidal Transformers for Audio Equipment

Why Audio Toroidal Transformers Provide Superior Sound and Performance

Audio equipment that suffers from distortion is more than a nuisance, it can negatively affect live performances, consumer products and key recording sessions. A noisy, vibration-heavy amplifier benefits nobody. It’s important to eliminate as much unnecessary vibration possible; with proper audio toroidal transformers, you can minimize hum and vibration for superior sound quality. To learn more about why audio toroidal transformers offer better performance, read on. Benefits of Audio Toroidal Transformers

Less Vibration

Toroidal transformers’ winding construction completely covers the cover with unilateral grains to increase efficiency. By reducing loss compared to EI transformers with fewer gaps and tighter windings, toroidal transformers have less vibration, or hum, that impact sound quality.

Toroidal transformers are also designed to minimize core magnetization. High-intensity magnetic flux from the core increases the amount of audible hum – toroidals operate at a lower flux density than traditional transformers.

Smaller Size, Easier Mounting

Toroidal transformers are smaller than traditional laminated EI transformers with similar output, making them more capable to meet size restrictions. And unlike EI transformers that require a typical minimum of four mounting points, toroidal transformers can be mounted with a single bolt. Not only does that allow for easier mounting options, but it reduces the number of potential vibration points.

Toroidal transformers’ one-wire winding and design also make them less likely to break down than the cheaper, laminated EI transformers. By keeping everything tight, in the correct place and with just one bolting point, toroidal transformers offer better sound quality for audio equipment.

Custom Audio Transformers

Because audio situations contain multiple variables, Amgis creates each audio transformer to meet each customer’s specific needs. We can manufacture a custom audio transformer to meet:

  • Custom primary and secondary voltages
  • 1u, 2u or 3u cabinet height requirements
  • Custom connector/plug requirements
  • Custom mounting requirements
  • Shielding requirements (optional)

Tell us what you need, and we will deliver.

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Why Amgis is Right for Your Toroidal Transformer Needs

At Amgis, we value high-quality materials, customer service, and customization. That means making the right transformer for you with the right components the right way. Beyond creating custom power transformers, we can also build customized housing and brackets for easy custom mounting. Add it all up and it means turnkey transformer service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our products to save you on time, labor, and costs.

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