The Importance of Medical Grade Isolation Transformers

Industry-Compliant Production for Hospitals, Research Facilities & Biomedical Companies

Toroidal transformers offerconsiderable benefits over standard transformers including superior loss leakage prevention, easier mounting, little or no vibration and more compact sizing. But when dealing with medical equipment, it’s vital that your transformers provide that reliable power while complying with strict industry standards and laws. At Amgis, our medical-grade transformers deliver long life cycles and promised power for use in hospitals, research facilities and biomedical companies.

Medical Grade Transformer Series

While all toroidal transformers provide superior leakage protection and reduced vibration in a more compact size, medical-grade transformers need to go the extra mile to ensure proper protection and isolation in medical equipment. At Amgis, we design, create and test our medical transformers so that they are in compliance with industry laws and standards while delivering the superior performance expected from toroidal transformers.Our production facilities have earned an ISO 9001:2015 certification and we have a CB Test Certificate to IEC 60601-1 third edition for our medical toroidal transformers, ensuring that your medical-grade transformer is approved for use in North America and Europe. Beyond the standard benefits of toroidal transformers, we make sure that our medical transformers comply with medical regulations including minimum air clearance, creepage distance, leakage current considerations and more so that they can run smoothly for the lifetime of your medical equipment. 

Enclosed Medical Toroidal Isolation Transformers

Our enclosed MEDBOX medical transformers are an ideal solution for situations where you absolutely need protection from power outages and surges through a standalone transformer or to isolate electronic equipment from the power source. The toroidal transformer inside the MEDBOX offers medical equipment the necessary isolation and power to abide by safety standards and regulations. Connecting the MEDBOX isolation transformer guarantees UL 60601 medical standard compliance for your electrical devices. The enclosed medical transformers include built-in RFI filtering and inrush current protection as well as surge suppression and a low-leakage current design that yields less than 100 μA leakage current. The MEDBOX medical isolation transformer is designed for 120 V, 60 Hz North American operations and comes available in five power ratings: 300 VA, 600 VA, 900 VA, 1200 VA and 1800 VA.


While we offer medical-grade transformers that are ready to meet industry standards and laws, we understand that some situations call for customization. Our engineers and technicians are able to work directly with you on any custom requirements while ensuring that your transformers stay compliant. To learn more about our customization capabilities, submit your specs today At Amgis, we are committed to quality, long-lasting medical-grade toroidal transformers that meet all industry standards and laws while delivering exceptional power. Gain peace of mind that your hospital, research facility or biomedical company has the right foundation for its equipment for safe, stable operations. To learn more about our medical-grade transformers and receive a quote for your company’s needs, contact us today

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At Amgis, we value high-quality materials, customer service, and customization. That means making the right transformer for you with the right components the right way. Beyond creating custom power transformers, we can also build customized housing and brackets for easy custom mounting. Add it all up and it means turnkey transformer service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our products to save you on time, labor, and costs. See the Amgis difference for yourself.

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