What Industries Use High-Frequency Products?

High-frequency products usually use frequencies between 50 kHz and 500 kHz. Nearly every industry widely uses them across various product designs due to their benefits.

Keep reading to find out about some of the leading industries that use high-frequency products, such as:

  • Medical: Various medical devices, such as MRI machines, radiotherapy devices and specific diagnostic equipment, use high-frequency technology.
  • Industrial and Manufacturing: Designers and manufacturers use high-frequency components to create various electronic devices and components.
  • Lighting: Manufacturers use high-frequency products when producing electronic ballasts, LED drivers for power supply conversion and dimming controls.
  • Audio: The audio industry commonly uses high-frequency products. These products may include amplifiers, wireless microphones, headphones, digital broadcasting equipment, audio processing equipment and electronic speakers.
  • Renewable Energy: Sources like solar power, wind turbines, electric vehicles, smart grids and energy storage systems use high-frequency products.
  • Oil and Gas: Companies use high-frequency products for exploring, drilling, monitoring pipelines, detecting leaks, offshore operations and communication.

The Best High-Frequency Products Per Industry

Custom high-frequency and standard high-frequency products have various uses and applications depending on their design and frequency range. Everyday household items like TVs and microwaves contain these parts. Advanced medical and defense gear also utilizes them.

Using Inductors, Chokes and Coils in High-Frequency Design

Toroidal inductors, common mode chokes and air-core inductors (coils) are essential for many electronic devices. They control electricity, remove noise and store energy. Here are some of the industries that utilize these components.

Consumer Electronics: Various consumer electronics, including TVs, radios, computers and game consoles, use inductors, chokes and coils. Companies use them in power supplies, signal processing and noise suppression.

Power Supply: Power supplies, renewable energy systems and electric vehicles utilize inductors and chokes to convert and control electrical power.

Medical Devices: Medical devices, including imaging devices like MRIs and therapeutic devices like pacemakers, utilize inductors.

Industrial Automation: Different industrial control systems use inductors, chokes and coils to manage and control electrical power.

High-Temperature Magnetic Components

Manufacturers design high-temperature magnetic parts, such as inductors, transformers and cores, to perform effectively in sweltering conditions. Hot work environments require high-temperature magnetic components for equipment to function correctly. Here are some of the industries that utilize these components.

Oil and Gas: Downhole drilling and extraction equipment often operate at high temperatures and thus require components that can withstand these conditions. Such equipment’s power supplies and control systems use high-temperature magnetic components.

Power Electronics: Power converters, inverters and switching power supplies often use high-temperature magnetic components where the devices are subject to high heat. Such devices may include renewable energy systems, industrial motor drives and power transmission equipment.

Industrial Manufacturing: Industrial machinery, especially metalworking, glass manufacturing and chemical processing, often operate at high temperatures. These machines use high-temperature magnetic components in their power supplies and control systems. Manufacturers use high-temperature magnetic parts to build reliable electronic and electrical systems for high-temperature environments.

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