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You want to guarantee that the transformer you pick will provide you the most power as efficiently as possible. To see if you can use one of our standard products, or if you need a custom toroidal power transformer, you need to first understand the toroidal transformer basics.

What is a toroidal transformer?

A toroidal transformer is a donut-shaped electrical transformer ideal for medical, audio, renewable energy, and industrial applications, thanks to the smaller size and higher efficiency compared to a conventional laminate transformer. It also has lower audio vibration (or hum), and the absence of gaps in the core means lower stray losses.

Toroidal transformers are also easier to mount due to their small size, allowing for plenty of placement customization within the equipment, or can simply be bolted to any surface.

There are many types of toroidal transformers – having the right one for your job or application is critical.

Types of toroidal transformers

Medical Grade Toroidal Transformers

When you’re dealing with medical equipment, you want to be sure that you’re using highly reliable and durable components. Medical grade toroidal transformers are designed to be used in hospitals, research facilities, and biomedical companies for the life of its medical equipment.

That means that we design, test, and construct each transformer to be compliant with industry laws. Amgis holds a CB Test Certificate to IEC 60601-1 third edition for our MED series medical isolation transformers, which means our transformers can be used in North America and Europe.
Additionally, our medical-grade transformers are all built-in ISO 9001:2015 certified facilities.

Need Custom Specs?

Looking for something more specific? We can design and build a custom medical isolation transformer to your exact requirements

Custom Medical Grade Isolated Transformers

Industrial-Grade General Purpose Toroidal Transformers

When you want high-efficiency, dependable transformers, our industrial-grade general-purpose toroidal transformers are an excellent choice. The dual 117 V primaries allow for easy installation for either 120 V or 240 V operation. Our general purpose toroidal transformers include:

  • Secondary voltage options from 2 x 12 V windings to 2 x 120 V windings
  • 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings
  • Standard mounting options

This line allows for custom power transformer options that we tailor to your specific transformer needs. You can learn more about our custom options here.

Need Custom Industrial Grade Transformers?

We can design and build custom products rated up to 15 kVA and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation. Let us know what you need

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Toroidal Auto-Transformer Models

When your equipment doesn’t have voltage isolation safety requirements between the input and output, the auto-transformer’s single winding construction can make it an appealing option. By sharing common turns between primary and secondary, auto-transformers have a weight and size reduction of anywhere from 30 to 70% of other standard toroidal transformer designs.

For instance, a 100 VA auto-transformer has a diameter of 3.2” and weighs 1.5 lbs compared to a 100 VA industrial-grade toroidal transformer that measures 3.8” in diameter and weighs 2.4 lbs.
This line allows for custom power transformer options that we tailor to your specific transformer needs. You can learn more about our custom options here.

Need a Custom Auto Toroidal Transformer?

Contact us today to design a custom auto transformer with the voltage requirements for your project.

Custom Auto Toroidal Transformers

PCB Mount Transformer Models

At Amgis, we offer PCB mount transformers fully encased in plastic for through-hole PCB mounting on boards. Because of its compact and self-contained design, these transformers incorporate with other components like PTC thermistors, fuses, and re-settable thermal switches seamlessly.

We have PCB mount transformers from 1.6 VA to 50 VA with various secondary and load voltage options at each power level.

Miniature 50/60 Hz Transformer Series

When size is a priority, the miniature 50/60 Hz transformers are a great option. They are rated up to 50 VA and are intended for use in 115/230 V (50/60 Hz) applications. These miniature toroidal transformers are manufactured to a UL class A insulation system and are UL recognized to UL5085-1 and UL5085-2 under UL file E310463.

50/60 Hz Current Transformer and Current Sensor Series

Current transformers allow you to measure electrical currents without breaking the connectivity of the current. These convenient tools replace ammeters and help isolate the current from its source. Current transformers have several useful applications:

  • Metering
  • Sensing current overload
  • Coupling analog to digital circuits
  • Ground fault detection

Custom Toroidal Transformers

At Amgis, we understand that transformer needs often go beyond what standard offerings can provide. That’s why we offer custom power transformer options that can be designed for custom voltages, specific power needs, specific inductance requirements and/or for strict size requirements that your project or company is looking for.

Our custom power transformer options include:

Our team is able to provide a response within 48 hours for any custom power transformer quote request. To get a quote for your custom toroidal transformer, fill out our form with your info and specs.

We Create Custom High-Efficiency Transformers

Our custom toroidal transformers and inductors are up to 98 percent efficient. See what we can do for you.

Custom High Efficiency Transformers

Why Amgis is Right for Your Toroidal Transformer Needs

At Amgis, we value high-quality materials, customer service, and customization. That means making the right transformer for you with the right components the right way. Beyond creating custom power transformers, we can also build customized housing and brackets for easy custom mounting. Add it all up and it means turnkey transformer service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our products to save you on time, labor, and costs. See the Amgis difference for yourself.

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