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Explore Each Step of the Toroidal Transformer Manufacturing Process.

When you’re choosing a transformer, you need the most power in the most efficient package. When you’re selecting a current sensing, PCB mount and/or toroidal transformer manufacturer, you want a guarantee that the product is the highest quality and aligns with the strictest standards.

Whether you are manufacturing medical devices, industrial equipment or auto equipment, you need to know your transformer will perform without failure or issue.

Amgis Toroids’ facilities have earned ISO 9001:2015 certification and our team meets strict quality standards. Explore our time-tested methods for delivering efficient, reliable products.

Custom Designs

We generally start with custom designs to your specifications. Amgis Toroidal Transformers specializes in creating tailor-made products for challenging applications.

From medical grade transformers to PCB mount transformers, we design, develop and manufacture high-efficiency, high-quality products.


When you give us a drawing or written specifications, we make a prototype using our proprietary software. We build your prototype in the US to avoid global shipping problems and ensure you receive your model quickly.

ISO Certified Facility

Once you have approved your prototype and we’ve made any necessary adjustments, we then manufacture your order in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities

The certification ensures that our company adheres to strict international standards and maintains a strong quality management program for all our products.

The ISO 9001:2015 standard focuses on quality management systems and overall company performance. It provides accountability requirements in all organizational processes to improve internal and external company communications, to increase production efficiency and to facilitate a mindset of continuous improvement.

DNV GL, an international registrar and classification body, awarded the certification, and we are audited and registered annually.

Quality Control

We make everything in our ISO 9001:2015-certified facilities, including creating the cores and performing the winding.

Our team conducts inspections through each part of the manufacturing process, including checking turns, wire size and dimensions.


Our engineers wrote proprietary testing programs for each type of transformer we produce. Our Voltech machine checks each toroidal transformer before we ship it. This automated process verifies each transformer’s voltage, hi-pot, polarity and no-load current.

Our transformers all have serial numbers for traceability, and we document each test.

Order a Custom or Standard Product from a Top Transformer Manufacturer in the US

We provide a wide variety of standard toroidal transformers as well as custom products. These include medical grade transformers, 50/60 Hertz current sensing transformers, PCB mount transformers, auto transformers, industrial grade toroidal transformers and frequency converters.

Not sure if you need a custom transformer? Review our checklist to see what product best fits your needs.

When you’re ready for a fast quote and prototype, talk to our team about getting a high-quality transformer that meets your specs.

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