How Toroidal Transformers Compare to Normal Transformers

Showcasing Toroidal Transformer Efficiency and Versatility

Not all transformers are created equal – some are more efficient than others, produce more power relative to their size or are more versatile in application. At Amgis, we believe that toroidal transformers offer considerable benefits to standard transformers.

Comparing Toroidal vs. Normal Transformers (EI Standard)

Toroidal transformers
 offer several immediate benefits over standard transformers, but it helps to know the toroidal transformer basics first. Because toroidal transformers are wound around a donut-shaped core, they have fewer areas throughout their body to lose power compared to standard laminated transformers EI transformers which lose efficiency in their corners. Beyond efficiency, toroidal transformers are quieter, smaller, and easier to mount.Benefits of Toroidal Transformers compared to Standard:

  • Greater efficiency
  • Lower stray losses (leakage flux)
  • Lower audible vibration
  • More compact size
  • Easier mounting

Toroidal Transformer Efficiency

While standard EI transformers are typically less than 90 percent efficient, you can expect toroidal transformer efficiency to be at 90 to 95 percent. At Amgis, we can even create custom transformers that reach 97 percent. The reason toroidal transformers are so efficient is in their construction.

Toroidal transformers’ circular shape reduces the gaps, meaning that currents are able to travel through them without experiencing as much leakage flux, which is when flux lines try to traverse these gaps.

In toroidal transformers, windings completely cover the core and the grains all move in the same direction. These two factors increase efficiency – EI transformers experience losses through less optimized winding coverage and flux lines that move in multiple directions.

By significantly reducing gaps and tightly winding around one core, toroidal transformers are also able to reduce the vibration – or hum – and heat loss that EI transformers are susceptible to. Operating cooler and quieter makes them ideal for situations when distortion can affect sensitive medical and audio equipment.

Toroidal Mounting

Because toroidal transformers are more efficiently constructed, they are able to offer the same power at a smaller size. This makes them especially capable for equipment with size restrictions and offers versatility in mounting.

While laminated EI transformers require four or more bolts to mount, toroidal transformers can often be mounted with just one bolt. Should you need a more sophisticated mounting system, Amgis offers custom solutions  including metal flanges, plastic or metal cans and custom plastic or metal enclosures.

Custom Power Transformers and Isolation Transformers

At Amgis, we offer our stock line of toroidal transformers with ratings up to 3,000 VA and standard 117 V primaries and dual secondaries, but we are also proud to offer custom toroidal solutions.

Our team of engineers can develop custom toroidal power and isolation transformers to your specs, including specific voltages, higher power outputs and custom mounting options, all for Class A, B, F or H. We can create custom transformers up to 15 kVA and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation.

Our custom power transformer options include:

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Why Amgis is Right for Your Toroidal Transformer Needs

At Amgis, we value high-quality materials, customer service, and customization. That means making the right transformer for you with the right components the right way. Beyond creating custom power transformers, we can also build customized housing and brackets for easy custom mounting. Add it all up and it means turnkey transformer service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our products to save you on time, labor, and costs. See the Amgis difference for yourself.

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