What is a toroidal transformer used for?

Operators choose toroidal transformers for use with equipment rated up to 15 kVA as needed in many different industries, including but not limited to renewable energy, medical, industrial, manufacturing and audio applications. They offer less vibration and “hum,” providing better sound quality for audio applications. Toroidal transformers are more efficient than standard laminated transformers. They also have fewer stray losses than standard laminated transformers. That makes them an excellent choice for an array of renewable energy applications. Energy applications benefit from high-efficiency transformers. Our regular toroidal transformers are 95 percent efficient, and we can create up to 98 percent efficient custom transformers. Medical-grade toroidal transformers meet the necessary strict requirements for equipment for the medical industry. Toroidal transformers are more compact, reliable and efficient than standard laminated transformers, and this meets industrial and manufacturing industry needs.

Are toroidal transformers better than traditional, standard transformers?

Yes, for devices rated up to 15 kVA, toroidal transformers are better than other standard laminated transformers. A toroidal transformer’s donut-like form makes it more efficient than a standard laminated transformer, allowing for shorter windings and decreasing stray losses, all the while emitting less noise than a standard laminated transformer. Toroidal transformers are also smaller, making them an easy and great fit for many different applications. Toroidal transformer efficiency ratings are also higher, with a 90 to 97 percent efficiency rating. In comparison, standard laminated transformers typically offer less than a 90 percent efficiency rating. Better yet, Amgis’ efficiency ratings are consistently at least 95 percent. Our custom toroidal transformers can be up to 98 percent efficient.

What is a toroidal transformer?

A toroidal transformer is a transformer made for devices rated up to 15 kVA that is shaped like a toroid, which is a donut-like shape. Its donut-like form reduces stray losses, boosts efficiency, is smaller, quieter and allows shorter windings compared to a standard laminated transformer. Toroidal transformers use electromagnetic induction, through which the strength of the current is proportional to the magnet’s speed and the coil’s number of turns. These transformers isolate electrical equipment from a voltage source or can step down or up the voltage, making them an excellent fit for gear in a wide variety of industries. Its versatility makes finding a suitable toroidal transformer for your industry’s products easy. Industry applications are wide-ranging and customizable, from medical-grade to renewable energy, oil and gas, to audio, to industrial and manufacturing.