What Does a Toroidal Transformer Do in an Amplifier?

Using a toroidal transformer with an amplifier for audio equipment can result in many benefits, including but not limited to reduced hum, space and cost efficiencies. An audio toroidal transformer has a solid design that pairs efficiency with flexibility.

Toroidal Transformers Are Quiet

Toroidal audio isolation transformers have a quiet audio transformer design. The transformers’ design brings higher sound quality without vibrations and more quietly through a unique toroid shape. Laminate transformers commonly produce a buzz that’ll get in the way of sound quality.

A toroid (or donut) shape reduces the intensity of the vibrations people can hear. In turn, audio products using toroidal transformers produce the sound they intended at crystal-clear levels.

Audio Transformers Get a More Compact Solution

A compact size in a transformer can better support an amplifier in mobility, security and appearance. Toroidal transformers are more compact than standard laminated transformers. Many options are available that meet various mounting and installation needs. These possibilities can easily be tucked away or left in sight at one’s fingertips.

Better yet, both ways can not only be space-saving, but they can be aesthetically pleasing. Some They’recome encapsulated in a plastic case, rendering them possibly unnoticeable in the proper application.

Using a Toroidal Transformer in an Amplifier Is Efficient

An Amgis toroidal transformer functions with minimal toroidal core magnetization compared to standard laminate and other audio transformer options.

Magnetic Flux Efficiency for Audio

Magnetic flux intensity flowing in the toroidal core influences magnetization, which affects audio levels. Engthat’s designed these transformers to produce more audio at a lower flux density.

A custom audio toroidal transformer can be even more efficient for an amplifier when isolation is deemed unnecessary. An audio transformer can be stepped up or down in voltage when isolation is superfluous.

Custom Toroidal Transformers Meet Amplifier Needs

An audio power transformer custom to your audio application is another important-to-know option. From the drawing board to your venue, a toroidal transformer provider can be with you every step of the way as you get the custom toroidal transformer that your audio application needs. A transformer compliant with industry laws and regulations is also vital. With the right provider, you’ll ensure that happens and get the audio quality you need.

Here are some more of the needs that you can meet with a custom audio transformer:

  • Custom voltages, primary or secondary
  • Various cabinet height requirements
    • 1u cabinet height
    • 2u cabinet height
    • 3u cabinet height
  • Unique plug or connector needs
  • Complex mounting
  • Optional shielding requests
  • And more

Get a Standard or Custom-Made Audio Toroidal Transformer

At Amgis, we design and build each of our custom Amgis audio transformers to meet our customers’ audio applications and requirements. We provide audio toroidal transformers to produce the best sound for your audio application, with standard or expertly custom-made toroidal transformers available at our ISO-certified facility. Our toroidal transformers for amplifiers meet needs and exceed customer expectations.

Contact Amgis to request a quote, and we’ll give you a free quote within typically 48 hours. You can also feel free to reach out at 832-400-5018.

Why Toroidal Transformers Are Better

Compared to a standard transformer, a toroidal transformer’s torus shape efficiently decreases stray losses and allows for shorter windings. They also emit less audible vibration and are compact.

Toroidal Transformers Have Higher Efficiency Ratings

Toroidal transformers have greater efficiency, with a 90 to 97 percent efficiency rating.

At Amgis, our standard toroidal transformers are at least 95 percent efficient.

What do standard laminated transformers offer? They typically offer lower than a 90 percent efficiency rating.

Fewer Stray Losses Benefit Renewable Energy

Heightened efficiency, combined with comparably fewer stray losses than traditional transformers, makes toroidal transformers a better option for renewable energy applications.

Toroidal Reliability & Efficiency Meet Industrial & Manufacturing Needs

Industry professionals needing a transformer for industrial and manufacturing applications benefit from toroidal transformers’ heightened efficiency, reliability, and compactness.

Quieter Than Traditional Transformers

Audio equipment such as a power amplifier needs as-quiet-as-possible audio power transformer options to produce the best sound. Toroidal transformers offer fewer vibrations and humming noises than traditional transformers, providing better quality sound for audio applications.

Their smaller size compared to standard laminated transformers also facilitates mounting and meets possible size restrictions. For example, EI transformers typically need four mounting points, whereas toroidal transformers only need one mounting point with one bolt.

Toroidal Transformers Can Meet Medical-grade Requirements

Medical equipment must meet precise requirements for an array of life-saving procedures. Our Toroid Medical Grade Isolation Transformer series, in particular, is fine-tuned to meet strict safety and reliability standards. Amgis medical-grade toroidal transformers last through the life of the medical equipment.

We hold a CB Test Certificate to IEC 60601-1 3rd edition for this line. This certificate means Amgis’s medical-grade toroidal transformers are certified for use in medical products intended for use in Europe.

Get a Standard or Custom Toroidal Transformer

We produce and provide custom and standard toroidal transformers expertly meeting and exceeding specifications. Our team at Amgis is Houston-based at an ISO-certified facility. We are experts in the most up-to-date medical standards and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards.

Contact us to request a quote, and we’ll give you a free quote fast – typically within 48 hours, or reach out at 832-400-5018.

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