When Should You Use a Custom Toroidal Transformer?

Custom Toroidal Transformer Design That Meets Your Specs While Delivering Efficient Power

At Amgis, we value having the right toroidal transformer for the application. A toroidal transformer delivers exceptional value and power in a compact package, whether for industrial, medical, audio or other purposes.

But what if your application has uncommon and unique circumstances? Then a custom toroidal transformer design might be right for the application. Read on to learn more about when you should use a customized toroidal transformer.

All of our toroidal transformers come with standard voltage and size ranges while delivering the high efficiency and low leakage benefits that toroidal transformers possess over typical transformers.

  • Specific Voltages
  • Current and Power Requirements
  • Size Requirements
  • Mounting

Custom Toroidal Products

If your application has a unique or specific size, current or conductance requirements, then a custom toroidal transformer is the solution.

We can create custom toroidal transformers for a variety of industries and applications, including:

  • Medical-Grade Isolation Toroidal Transformers
  • Industrial Power Transformers
  • High-Efficiency Toroidal Transformers
  • Fully-Enclosed Toroidal Assemblies
  • Three-Phase Transformers
  • Audio Toroidal Transformers
  • Auto Toroidal Transformers

Custom Power Transformers

Our industrial power transformers are rated up to 3000 VA and come with dual 117 V primaries and duel secondaries with a range of 12 V to 120 V.

If you need customization, our engineers can design a transformer that will meet the following:

  • Specific primary and secondary voltages
  • Higher industrial power transformer output requirements (up to 15 kVA for single-phase power and 45 kVA for three-phase power)
  • 4 kV isolation between primary and secondary windings (can be designed for higher isolation requirements as well)
  • Special wire terminations/harness requirements
  • Custom mounting and special enclosure requirements
  • Maximum enclosure leakage current
  • Class A, B, F or H insulation systems

Medical-Grade Isolation Toroidal Transformers

Medical-grade transformers have higher standards than other toroidal transformers. Our regular line of medical-grade transformers come with dual 0-100-120 V primaries and dual 120 V secondaries, but our engineers can create custom medical-grade transformers rated up to 15 kVA and for 50/60 Hz continuous operation. They can also accommodate special wire termination and harness requirements and create special mountings or enclosures.

High-Efficiency Toroidal Transformers

While toroidal transformers are already more efficient than traditional laminated transformers, our engineers can craft customized high-efficiency toroidal transformers that are rated up to 97 percent efficient.

Higher efficiency has several considerable benefits:

  • Better power without sacrificing size
  • Less audible vibration
  • Cooler operating temperatures

High-efficiency transformers are especially useful in the renewable/alternative energy industry. Companies are always looking to reduce energy consumption and cut down on material costs like heat sinks or cooling fans. Our custom high-efficiency toroidal transformers can help you reach these more exact standards while maintaining the size advantage over traditional laminated transformers.

Custom High-Frequency Products

Beyond our custom toroidal transformers, we also can create custom high-frequency products that can meet your specifications and withstand high heat and excessive vibration.

Our products include:

  • Inductors, Chokes & Coils
  • High-Temperature Magnetic Components
  • Pulse Transformers
  • Switch-Mode Power Supply Transformers
  • Current Transformer and Sensor Models

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Whether you need to increase the voltage on a medical-grade toroidal transformer or increase the efficiency for renewable energy applications, our engineers can customize toroidal transformers to your specs.

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Why Amgis is Right for Your Toroidal Transformer Needs

At Amgis, we value high-quality materials, customer service, and customization. That means making the right transformer for you with the right components the right way. Beyond creating custom power transformers, we can also build customized housing and brackets for easy custom mounting. Add it all up and it means turnkey transformer service that allows you to quickly and easily integrate our products to save you on time, labor, and costs. See the Amgis difference for yourself.

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