Amgis Creates Enclosed Frequency Converters with KCC Scientific


Amgis has aligned with KCC Scientific to provide clean power for any device up to 200 watts, anywhere in the world.

When equipment requirements do not match local mains power, Amgis-KCC Scientific converters align voltage, frequency and wattage requirements, ensuring that the device can operate anywhere.

Our new products include Hercules Frequency Converters, which power devices up to 200 watts, and Thor Frequency Converters, which power devices up to 100 watts.

They convert frequency and voltage, with options 50 Hz or 60 Hz and 115 V or 230 V AC selectable from the front panel. They also provide instrument-grade, pure sine wave synthesis at the precise frequency and well-regulated voltage selected. Plus, they are fully isolated from the original mains power source.

Review our New Enclosed Frequency Converters.

We’ve combined the capabilities of two companies with reputations for quality, precision products and customer service. Learn more about KCC Scientific at https://www.kccscientific.com.

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