Amgis Develops Standard Line of Auto-Transformers


Amgis is pleased announce that we have developed a new standard line of Auto-transformers!
An auto-transformer can be used to step up or step down a line voltage, depending on your equipment’s input voltage requirement. Auto-transformers are a single winding type of transformer, with various taps and with no isolation between the primary and secondary.

Auto-transformers are ideal for when your application doesn’t have voltage isolation requirements (between the input and output) and when you have limited space. The primary and secondary windings of an auto-transformer share common turns, so you can expect a size and weight reduction of about 30-70%, which results in a significant cost reduction as well.

We offer a broad range of standard toroidal auto-transformers that can be quickly and easily configured. We can also provide custom designs to fit your specific needs.

Learn more about our standard line of auto-transformers here.

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